Training & Speeches

The Innovation Course for Business Innovation

Start innovating in your business to get the ball of innovation rolling in your city and crank up job creation. 2thinknow provides the Innovation Course for business in a number of variations for different businesses. Each variation of the Innovation Course teaches you how to design, communicate and implement innovation in business organizations locally and regional/global markets.

City Innovation Events

We work with you as a local organizer to create an amazing local innovation event in your city. Your event can range from a seminar to a congress or conference, and Innovation Cities™ Program and Index can lead your audience to greater innovation.

Innovation Training: Building Your Urban Innovation Economy

With this program training, your city agency team can learn the steps to building your city's urban innovation economy. You will practise with real-life exercises and you will see case studies in urban innovation. This is the only training that teaches you how to create an urban innovation economy, from first principles. Includes tools and extras!

City Innovation Speaker

1 Learn how innovation works from an analyst’s view. Through the eyes of an analyst, Christopher Hire offers […]

City Workshops

Innovation Consulting Services goal for cities is to improve innovation performance relative to its comparative strengths, using 2thinknow city benchmarking data.