Platinum City Package

Complete subscription package to support any city.

Data + Analysis + Support + Advisory.

Please note Platinum Packages are available in USA, Canada, Europe, some of Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand all inclusive of visit at this time. Other locations available with a travel surcharge are Latin America, Russia, India, Japan. Other cities need to select a Gold Package which offers video level support.

City Data Audit

Complete data-set on any city with 162 global benchmark scores. Improve your city. Data in Excel for analysis and massive PowerPoint deck for presentation and planning.

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Annual Analysis Report

Explains the Innovation Cities™ Index, Indicators and underlying analysis of trends in global and local innovation each year, with insights from 2thinknow data.

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Analyst Visit to Your City

In-person briefing in your city from a Director or Senior Analyst. This allows you to understand 2thinknow's data and also showcase your cities capabilities to our analysts.

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Annual Video Briefing

Video-conference briefing with our Senior Analysts to discuss data on where you are,  or your plans to improve your city. Includes Q&A session to answer your queries.

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City Submissions

Submit your latest data, case studies & evidence to our analysts, who will review your data on your city.

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Index Preview

Results preview of the annual Innovation Cities™ Index provided days before it is published to media.

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City Dashboard

Single page dashboard summarizing your city's performance, strengths and weaknesses. (Exclusive)

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Analyst Email Support

Expanded email support and Q&A sessions provided by our Innovation Cities™ analysts.

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Innovation Service Discounts

Platinum package subscribers receive a 15% service discount on all 2thinknow data, analysis, training and services.

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Special Presentations

Special report presentations on hot topics such as Start-Ups or City Branding, including city rankings.

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Phone Briefing Calls

Understand data & results with scheduled phone briefing calls and Q&A sessions by analysts.

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Special Services

A range of special services are offered for Platinum subscribers. Please ask for additional assistance with your city plans.

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