Innovation Cities™ Index 2022-2023: NAFTA – Most Innovative Cities

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Who are NAFTA's most innovative cities?

Based on the 16th annual Innovation Cities™ Index city rankings process by 2THINKNOW. Original quantitative method, based on 162 indicators (including consideration of 1000+ data point inputs) per city. Est. 2007.

Why this ranking? Breadth of indicators covers areas of innovation that 500 cities are focussed on. Such as: digital, liveability, smart, economic development, mobility (transport), tourism and trade, place branding, start-ups, sustainability. The city ranking has over a decade of results, making analysis possible. Detailed data is also available to order.


These city rankings measure pre-conditions for innovation. Results are available globally (500 cities or top 100), or by region/nation.

The 162 Indicators cover key areas for city innovation such as: digital transformation, technology, startups, economic development, sustainability, liveability, mobility and other areas. Above average scores across many indicators result in a higher rank. Thus, making cities that rank high, more well-balanced. You can order city data at any level.

Indicators map to key government departments or industries.

The Innovation Cities™ Index was established in 2007. We seek to definitively answer the question - 'which are the world's most innovative cities '?



Based on 162 standard Indicators with underlying Data Points from 2THINKNOW's awesome City Benchmarking Data set. Making it easy to compare cities.

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NAFTA World City Rankings Results for 2022-2023

1New YorkUnited StatesNEXUS562+13901
2Los AngelesUnited StatesNEXUS5511+96740
3BostonUnited StatesNEXUS541- 27167
4San Francisco - San JoseUnited StatesNEXUS536+291557
5HoustonUnited StatesNEXUS534- 110525
6ChicagoUnited StatesNEXUS525- 112264
8SeattleUnited StatesNEXUS518-211215
9Dallas-Fort WorthUnited StatesNEXUS513- 622325
11AtlantaUnited StatesNEXUS507- 42579
13MiamiUnited StatesNEXUS509- 431822
14Washington DCUnited StatesNEXUS4910- 4321471
15PhiladelphiaUnited StatesNEXUS4915-331027
16San DiegoUnited StatesNEXUS4921+5371160
17DenverUnited StatesNEXUS4814- 342334
18PortlandUnited StatesNEXUS4816- 2431053
19AustinUnited StatesNEXUS4812- 74487
20Las VegasUnited StatesNEXUS4813- 745713
21DetroitUnited StatesNEXUS4825+447337
22NewarkUnited StatesHUB4743+2150902
23BaltimoreUnited StatesHUB4727+45197
24PhoenixUnited StatesHUB4720- 4551030
25OaklandUnited StatesHUB4735+1056944
26OrlandoUnited StatesHUB4734+857972
27Mexico CityMexicoHUB4694+6761821
28SacramentoUnited StatesHUB4689+61671133
29TampaUnited StatesHUB4683+54691327
30Minneapolis-St PaulUnited StatesHUB4617- 13701544
31PittsburghUnited StatesHUB4636+5711035
32San AntonioUnited StatesHUB4624- 8721155
33RiversideUnited StatesHUB4693+60731111
35CharlotteUnited StatesHUB4522- 1390247
36NashvilleUnited StatesHUB4518- 1891890
37ClevelandUnited StatesHUB4561+2492284
38Santa Ana-AnaheimUnited StatesHUB4550+12941173
39CincinnatiUnited StatesHUB4566+2795275
40Kansas CityUnited StatesHUB4523- 1796614
41Fort LauderdaleUnited StatesHUB4529- 1299403
42New OrleansUnited StatesNODE4460+18104900
43HonoluluUnited StatesNODE4447+4106523
45St LouisUnited StatesNODE4438- 71111272
46MilwaukeeUnited StatesNODE4457+11113827
47ProvidenceUnited StatesNODE4441- 61141067
48LouisvilleUnited StatesNODE4448-116742
49AlbanyUnited StatesNODE4496+471171627
50ColumbusUnited StatesNODE4477+27118296
51MemphisUnited StatesNODE4474+23120813
54Norfolk-Virginia BeachUnited StatesNODE4453- 1127924
55RochesterUnited StatesNODE4498+431281115
56Ventura-OxnardUnited StatesNODE44114+581291633
58Raleigh-DurhamUnited StatesNODE4372+141411085
59AlbuquerqueUnited StatesNODE4340- 1914227
60CharlestonUnited StatesNODE4332- 28143246
61Ann ArborUnited StatesNODE4378+1714451
62IndianapolisUnited StatesNODE4339- 23148548
64AllentownUnited StatesNODE4397+3315134
65Salt Lake CityUnited StatesNODE4337- 281531149
66HartfordUnited StatesNODE43112+46156493
67JacksonvilleUnited StatesNODE4359- 8157580
68BuffaloUnited StatesNODE4395+27159197
69TulsaUnited StatesNODE4346- 231601394
70BoulderUnited StatesNODE4228- 42170168
71RichmondUnited StatesNODE4245- 261741105
72AnchorageUnited StatesNODE4255- 1717547
73KnoxvilleUnited StatesNODE4267- 6176662
74Colorado SpringsUnited StatesNODE4279+5177293
76Grand RapidsUnited StatesNODE4282+6191457
77GreensboroUnited StatesNODE4264- 13195461
78Oklahoma CityUnited StatesNODE4242- 36196955
79OmahaUnited StatesNODE4252- 27198961
80SyracuseUnited StatesNODE42113+332021302
81Corpus ChristiUnited StatesNODE4280- 1203307
82El PasoUnited StatesNODE4291+9204373
83DaytonUnited StatesNODE4281- 2205330
84TucsonUnited StatesNODE4263- 212061391
85SavannahUnited StatesNODE4244- 412071211
86BoiseUnited StatesNODE4273- 13208161
87LexingtonUnited StatesNODE4131- 56216722
88ChattanoogaUnited StatesNODE4154- 34217249
89PortlandUnited StatesNODE4168- 212202104
90MadisonUnited StatesNODE4187- 3222765
91BirminghamUnited StatesNODE4162- 29223151
92ToledoUnited StatesNODE4185- 72241362
93AkronUnited StatesNODE4186- 722523
94Winston-SalemUnited StatesNODE4171- 232271484
95GreenvilleUnited StatesNODE41102+72281628
96Green BayUnited StatesNODE41101+5230460
97ManchesterUnited StatesNODE4199+2232781
98Baton RougeUnited StatesNODE4176- 22233119
99Des MoinesUnited StatesNODE4130- 69236336
100SpringfieldUnited StatesNODE4133- 672381266
101LancasterUnited StatesNODE41117+162391629
102WichitaUnited StatesNODE4184- 182401479
103Little RockUnited StatesNODE4149- 54241731
104ColumbiaUnited StatesNODE4165- 39242294
105RenoUnited StatesNODE4188- 172431097
106FresnoUnited StatesNODE41122+16244413
107StocktonUnited StatesNODE41131+242451281
109MontgomeryUnited StatesNODE4069- 40257851
110TallahasseeUnited StatesNODE4056- 542601322
111JacksonUnited StatesNODE4070- 41262579
112CharlottesvilleUnited StatesNODE40104- 82631543
113RoanokeUnited StatesNODE40107- 62641632
114SpokaneUnited StatesNODE40100- 142661264
115LincolnUnited StatesNODE4090- 25267727
116BakersfieldUnited StatesNODE40123+726894
117ModestoUnited StatesNODE40130+13269840
118AugustaUnited StatesNODE4051- 6727183
120BridgeportUnited StatesNODE40118- 2276184
122Fredericton - St JohnCanadaNODE39129+72971556
123Cedar RapidsUnited StatesNODE3958- 65299241
124RochesterUnited StatesNODE39108- 163041114
125SpringfieldUnited StatesNODE39103- 223051267
126WilmingtonUnited StatesNODE38111- 153082105
127Sioux FallsUnited StatesNODE38106- 213181241
128BozemanUnited StatesNODE3892- 36320171
129SpringfieldUnited StatesNODE38121- 83211265
131BurlingtonUnited StatesNODE37116- 153412100
132FargoUnited StatesNODE36105- 273582103
133CheyenneUnited StatesNODE36124- 93592102
134BillingsUnited StatesNODE36120- 14360150
Region Definition

Definition of list: All NAFTA country-member cities selected from the 500 cities. Countries: USA, Canada, Mexico


The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) entered into force on July 1, 2020. The USMCA, which substituted the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is a mutually beneficial win for North American workers, farmers, ranchers, and businesses. The Agreement creates more balanced, reciprocal trade supporting high-paying jobs for Americans and grow the North American economy.

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