Innovation Cities™ Index 2022-2023: Russia – Most Developed and Innovative Cities

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Who are Russia's most developed and innovative cities?

Based on the 16th annual Innovation Cities™ Index city rankings process by 2THINKNOW. Original quantitative method, based on 162 indicators (including consideration of 1000+ data point inputs) per city. Est. 2007.

Why This Ranking?

Breadth of indicators covers areas of innovation that 500 cities are focused on. Such as: digital, liveability, smart, economic development, mobility (transport), tourism and trade, place branding, start-ups, sustainability. The city ranking has over a decade of results, making analysis possible. Detailed data is also available to order.

These city rankings measure pre-conditions for innovation. Results are available globally (500 cities or top 100), or by region/nation.

The 162 Indicators cover key areas for city innovation such as: digital transformation, technology, startups, economic development, sustainability, liveability, mobility and other areas. Above average scores across many indicators result in a higher rank. Thus, making cities that rank high, more well-balanced. You can order city data at any level.

Indicators map to key government departments or industries.

The Innovation Cities™ Index was established in 2007. We seek to definitively answer the question - 'which are the world's most innovative cities '?



Based on 162 standard Indicators with underlying Data Points from 2THINKNOW's awesome City Benchmarking Data set. Making it easy to compare cities.

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Russia World City Rankings Results for 2022-2023

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2St PetersburgSt PetersburgNODE422-1641271
3YekaterinburgSverdlovsk OblastUPSTART344+13991506
4KazanTatarstanUPSTART333- 1411633
5NovosibirskNovosibirsk OblastUPSTART337+2412940
7KaliningradKaliningrad OblastUPSTART326- 1429603
8Nizhny NovgorodNizhny NovgorodUPSTART329+1430920
9KrasnoyarskKrasnoyarsk KraiUPSTART3212+3431685
10SamaraSamara OblastUPSTART328- 24321154
11PermPerm KraiUPSTART3215+44331019
12OmskOmsk OblastUPSTART3113+1445963
13VladivostokPrimorsky KraiUPSTART3111- 24471457
14VolgogradVolgograd OblastUPSTART315- 94481459
15SaratovSaratov OblastUPSTART2914- 14631208
16TomskTomsk OblastUPSTART2916-4651366
17OrenburgOrenburg OblastUPSTART2917-466971
18TolyattiSamara OblastUPSTART2819+14761365
19BarnaulAltai KraiUPSTART2820+1478109
20IzhevskUdmurt Republic02718- 2486573
Region Definition

Definition of list: All cities ranked from Russia.

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